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How to register your own private nameservers

To register your own nameservers the process is fairly straight forward.

Firstly the appropriate DNS records need to be set up.

For example's sake lets assume you are setting up 2 new nameservers.

Let's say:
nameserver 1 has the IP
nameserver 2 has the IP

Lets call nameserver 1 ns1.yourdomain.comand nameserver 2 ns2.yourdomain.com

So you need to set up an A record on your DNS host pointing each name server to it's IP address.

For example:
ns1.yourdomain.com ->
ns2.yourdomain.com ->

Once the appropriate DNS entries have been made you need to get in contact with your domain registrar to register the nameserver.

Your domain registrar may have a user interface through their domain management tool, if not you may have to submit a support ticket.

That's it! Once propagation is complete your clients can now use your nameservers.

You would likely want to test everything is working OK first, you can do this by assigning a spare domain you have your own nameservers and testing. If for some reason it's not working network troubleshooting would be a good place to start.

You can do this from the Windows Command Line:

ping ns1.yourdomain.com


tracert ns1.yourdomain.com

There is also an abundance of DNS tools available on the web you may wish to use.

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