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Selecting the right web hosting package

There are a few things to ask yourself when selecting a web hosting package for your website.

1. How much disk space am I likely to need?
If your website is constantly updated with new images or files such as new products being added to an e-commerce store, image libraries, video libraries, etc you may want to consider a plan with unlimited disk space so you don't have to monitor disk space usage and risk your website going down. If your website is only small then this is a non issue and a web hosting package with a small amount of disk space would be ample. You can compare our web hosting plans here.

2. How much traffic am I likely to use?
If you expect large amounts of traffic or your website serves large amounts of data such as video streaming or file downloads you may wish to consider a web hosting package with unlimited data transfer. If your website is small and you don't expect large amounts of traffic then you obviously don't need to worry about data transfer limitations.

3. How many websites am I going to host?
If you plan on hosting multiple websites your hosting package should allow hosting of multiple domains. We provide hosting packages that offer hosting of unlimited domains so you can host as many websites as you like.

Taking the above into consideration should assist you in selecting the right web hosting package to suit your needs.

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